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I am parent of a First grader. Few months into the school, I realized that my kid is falling behind in some areas of studies. When I read about curriculum, I noticed its vast portion that teacher needs to cover up in one academic year.

I am strong believer that these initial years of the school build the foundation for future studies.

I wanted my son to feel comfortable around numbers and books to experience the joy of education. I wanted him to explore the whole new world that opens up for you when you possess power of reading… I wanted him to feel the magic and adventure of playing with numbers…and learning should not be perceived as burden or something you “have to” do but it should be treated as a tool to explore and experience the world beyond.

Of course, he is too young to understand all this. But may be one day he will…

I started looking for worksheets to practice more that he learns in school to make him comfortable and confident…because you know, what they say, “practice makes a person perfect”.

But soon I realized either I need to buy practice books or download pintables for a fee. The books were comprehensive and they were ok but not exactly what I was looking for… Printables which I found useful that could be downloaded were asking for a fee…Which I was not so comfortable with.

So, I started creating worksheets for him by myself. Practicing on them gave him much needed confidence to learn more.

One evening a thought came to my mind, my son might not be the only kid, who needs extra practice to gain grasp of the concepts. There might be some parents who are looking for printables like I did… Why not to upload these sheets and let them be there. If somewhere, someone need such printables which they want to download, this might come handy. I always felt that these should be free, because why not?!

And that’s how my blog took birth.

This may not be the ultimate solution for a kid’s education but I am just trying to lend a helping hand whoever is looking for practice worksheets.

Again, I am just a parent, who holds a masters degree in finance, worked in finance field and by no means have experience in teaching, apart from my son.

But then again, in some sense we as a parent learn to act as “training wheels” for our kids on their life’s journey… being “know it all teacher” is just one color of that wheel…

I hope you find my blog somewhat useful. Thanks a lot, for visiting my corner.

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