In Pre-K, focus is to make kids comfortable with pencils, crayons, books, alphabets and numbers. It’s usually categorized into;

  • Basic Concepts and Skills:
    • Colors.
    • Shapes.
    • Sizes.
    • Opposites.
    • Same and different.
    • Things that go together.
  • Writing Readiness:
    • Slanting line.
    • Curved line.
    • Forward and backward lines.
    • Circles.
    • Left to right
    • Top to bottom.

Basically, focus is on motor development and control over hand muscles.

  • Reading readiness:
    • Letters and letter sounds.
    • Beginning sounds
    • Rhyming pictures.
  • Math readiness:
    • Counting from 1 to 10
    • Concepts: first, next and last.
    • Concept: more and fewer.
    • Ordinal Numbers.
    • Patterns.

Pre -k kids are usually 3 or 4-year olds, so the focus is just to get familiar with numbers and alphabets and motor skills.

I am just giving you rough overview of Pre-k. There are so many other stuff kids can do and explore at this age.

Different schools and different curriculum may include this and many more other stuffs.

But when my son was in pre-k, I always found myself clueless about what basic set of skills are expected. Should I take it lightly or should I go out and buy tons of workbooks. I had so many questions. Fortunately, my sons pre k teacher was super awesome and patient!  she always took time to clear my doubts and answer all my silly questions and worries.

It is my personal experience that sending kid to pre k is more tough for moms than for kids because if you are stay at home mom,  that’s the first time your baby is staying away from you for so long, and you are not going to be there to see what he needs or what he wants.

On a lighter note, I cried more than my son on his first day of school to Pre-k!! In fact, my son did not cry at all!! May be looking me crying so much, deep down he knew that this was his first encounter of “parent embarrassment” moment!!!! Honestly, it was a silly scene to witness. I laugh Now when I think back about that day.

Well, this over view might come handy to those silly, clueless parents like myself…

I am not uploading all the worksheets for all the topics. Like I mentioned before, Pre k is just to make kids ready for school so the worksheets I am uploading for pre k is nothing more than, practicing the alphabets, (mama and baby letters), control over hand muscles for writing, coloring etc. and letter and number recognition.

Hope you find them useful.

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