Three-digit addition for grade 2

Three-Digit Addition

When we start with Three-Digit Addition, it’s preferred to start from simple addition, and then when the simple addition concept is clear with kids, they can move to regroup addition.When kids are new to the concept of addition and subtraction, it is always advisable to use graph paper books or paper to practice math. With 1/2″ graph paper, it is easier for kids to use the concept “place-value” while adding or subtracting.

Top 20 Educational Games For Kids

Instead of engaging our energy in tug of war, with kids about screen time, I found educational games could be lesser evil. one thing to make clear, I am all for playing outside and physical activities, but with current changing scenario, we have to make little bit of peace, if not entirely, with electronic devices. Somehow my kid is hooked to watch gaming videos, which irritates me to great extent. I am still wondering how that’s so interesting!!!! But with educational games, its “win-win” situation for both kids and parents.

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