Three-digit addition for grade 2

Three-Digit Addition

When we start with Three-Digit Addition, it’s preferred to start from simple addition, and then when the simple addition concept is clear with kids, they can move to regroup addition.

When kids are new to the concept of addition and subtraction, it is always advisable to use graph paper books or paper to practice math. With 1/2″ graph paper, it is easier for kids to use the concept “place-value” while adding or subtracting.

I have purposely put “H” “T” “O” above each number, I observed that when kids develop this habit of writing place names above the numbers, they tend to make fewer mistakes while adding or subtracting, more like training wheels while learning to ride a bicycle.

Here are three-digit addition practice worksheets with and without regrouping. to sharpen the math skills.

Three Digit Addition ( Simple)

Three Digit Addition ( Regrouping)

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