How to instill reading habits in kids?

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

Reading is one essential habit that not only helps students to excel in academics but it opens the doors to entire another world of imagination, information, knowlege.We all know the benefits of reading and always want our kids to be avid readers to reap the benefits like improved critical thinking, increased attention span, and ever increasing vocabulary. The benefits of reading regularly are many and when kids enjoy while reading is just like cherry on the cake.

As gadgets have become inevitable part of ours as well as kids life, reading has started to take back seat. We all prefer visual presentation of everything rather than opting for a book. With this changing scenario, instilling the habit of reading become more crucial than ever before. Here are some tips and tricks that may come handy while asking your kids for reading.

Before starting, please remember that every kid is different and unique in his own way. While some kids enjoy reading other try to stay away from books as far as possible. Instead of forcing and comparing kids with their peers always try to find out why they don’t feel like holding a book for long and try to work a way around it.Well, lets take a look at tips that could help you, help your kids in rooting and cultivating reading habit.

Create a corner for reading

Create a space in your home which can be dedicated to reading. It does not need to be fancy. A clean quiet place, with good day light… some books and a chair is all you need to create a dedicated corner for reading. Of course, you can make it as fancy or interesting as you or your kids like. You can make kids choose the chair they like or you can make them decorate the place as per their liking. This way, they get invested in the place.

Understand your kid’s inclination

Try and find out your kid’s inclination, their favorite show, favorite character, whether he/she likes fairy tales, magic or action. When a book is based on characters they love or theme they like, it’s more likely they would find the book more interesting.

Visit your local library

Visit frequently to your local library. Try to engage your kids different event your local library hold time to time. Let your kid explore the library on their own. Let them pick the books which they find interesting.

Converse about the book

Even before reading, engage your kids in the conversation about the book and assumptions they could make just by looking at the book. Ask them about,what they think how the book is going to be, or what picture of the book suggest you, such conversation make kids more engage in the book even before they start reading.

Encourage reading

Encourage your kids reading wherever you go. You can ask them to read menus, or signs around. Reading should not be limited books and sometimes making kids feel comfortable around letters and words boosts their confidence which helps them in taking interest in reading actual books.

Don’t limit reading to specific place

Eventhough you dedicate a place in your house for reading, encourage your kids to carry a book wherever they go. Sometimes reading a book in park, or friends house brings change of atmosphere and makes things more interesting.

Discuss the book

Always discuss the book your kiddo is reading. How he/she is finding the book so far or which character he/she likes the most or which character he/she don’t like at all or who could have acted differently in the book. Engaging kids such conversations makes the reading more interesting and it no longer becomes a task for them. If you can make them relate the book with real life events kids find reading interesting.

You can ask them to write about the book like a book review. To start with you can download and print the book review template from mentioned below;

Offer a helping hand

Sometimes, kids choose books and they find it difficult to read on their own. Under such circumstances, always support your kids, and help them in their reading. Sit with kids and read the part they find difficult to read. While reading, you can take the liberty and make the reading interesting by adding some fun inputs.


Consistancy is key to everything in this world! Be consistent in reading. Allocate certain time of the day for reading- “Reading Hour”. Make your kids read at least 5 pages before they call it a day. Reading before going to sleep helps everyone to wind down, calm and get sound sleep.

Lead with example

Let your kids see that you practice what you preach. Let the kids see that you are too reading and enjoy reading different books. Watching you reading magazines, newspapers, and books shows your child that reading is important. Encourage your child to join you with his or her own book while you are reading.

Introduce differnt geners

Take active interest in your kids reading journey and introduce them to different geners of books. This will broaden their boundaries of choices fiction, non-fiction, mystery, comic books and many more. Once they get exposed to different geners of books, its easier for them to find the interesting book to read.

Reading should be fun and not frustrating. In today’s world, where we all are reling on visual information more than reading, paying attention and effort in instilling the reading habits become more crucial than ever.

Becoming a reader is a process and we as a parent have to hold our kid’s hand till they find their way to the wonderland of books. Happy Reading!

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