My “eureka” moment as Pre -K parent…

I am currently preparing printable for Pre-K. While doing that, I had a very nice trip to memory lane. One handy trick I discovered while I was Pre-k Parent is, using transparent folder, known as Dry erase Pockets and dry erase marker.

Well, when our kid is just 3 or 4-year old, I experienced that giving them paper and marker or pencil is always not the wisest choice. Kids are moody at that age, and their attention span is also not so long. Many times, when our intention is to make them practice slanted lines or alphabets but being 3 – 4-year old, kids usually end up scribble scrabbling on most of the paper! [read more]

So instead of wasting paper, one trick you can do is, buy a transparent folder (known as Dry erase Pockets) which you could easily get from Dollar Tree for just $1 and insert a printable in it and make your child practice on it with dry erase markers( you can use colorful markers to make it interesting).

There are some unintentional and hidden benefits with this;

 1. Dry erase markers are a bit fat than pencils, hence are easy to grab and write for those tiny hands.

2. Markers are smooth and can move very easily, which eases effort to some extent.

3.And of course, It’s the most economical and environment friendly option!!!

Many of you might be knowing this trick already, but I found this trick hard way. Every time while tearing and trashing those underutilized papers, I felt pinch. I was never comfortable and convinced to waste so many papers and with this trick I had my own “Eureka!” moment… [/read]

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