Keep Calm and wash your hands!!!

Coronavirus… when news of coronavirus first hit US, people went for masks and hand sanitizers shopping. As the number of cases grew, the shoppers started to clear out shelves of the local pharmacies and grocery stores.

In recent past weeks, the panic and fear has grown so much that worried customers went even a step further and have started to stocking up nonperishable food, packaged water, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, pet food etc.… Even the online stores are running out of stuff like crazy![read more]

So far washing hands, using hand sanitizers, avoiding unnecessary travel and most important – using common sense are only doable things to protect ourselves. But people have started hoarding things even in those areas where there are no cases detected. These panic buyers are creating shortages of the supplies for those people who actually need them. For instance, time and again its been told by CDC that using face masks by healthy people will not help. Still shoppers are buying masks in bulk which eventually result in shortage for people working in medical field where they actually need!

Some people are hoarding things out of fear of virus, some are hoarding, out of fear of “what if there is shortage of things in future” and some are hoarding due to mass mentality.

Surviving and protecting our family is our basic instinct but hoarding things in such large quantities will not do any good!

Instead of panicking and making fear our friend, we can use our common sense and practice basic cleanliness habits.

The rumors are endless and all social media is flooded with them. It is our choice if we hinder to those rumors and panic, which will make us more vulnerable or we can choose to be calm and sensible, which I think is needed the most in the current situation.


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