How to instill sense of purpose in kids

How to instill sense of purpose in kids

The last couple of years has been challenging for all of us. But it has affected kids in a very different way. Many kids could not go for the summer camps or that art camp or coding camp which could have helped them to explore their skills or could have helped them to find something they want to create or build.

Staying inside the home or maintaining social distancing is helpful to keep them safe during this pandemic but it gradually started to affect them in losing their focus.

Having endless screentime can also become a numbing experience. With schools starting and closing and starting again, you must have observed that kids are more inclining towards socially withdrawing without even realizing it. These are a few tips to help your kids to find that lost sense of purpose during this testing pandemic time.

Address the elephant in the room

First thing first, be honest and realistic with kids. Kids somehow can sense if you are being fake. I mean, my kid gets the hint if I am trying to fake something… maybe I end up overcompensating to make it look “non-fake”, can’t say really. But my personal experience is the more realistic and honest you are, your job as a parent gets easier because kids are awesome and very considerate! It is ok, in fact, encouraged to voice the insecurities you are facing due to the pandemic and how you are feeling emotional discomfort and are feeling self-conscious. I mean, we don’t have to discuss any heavy topics… but it might help your child to get the sense of feeling okay, with their insecurities if they are feeling any. Whether it’s because their weight changed, they forgot how to enter a conversation, or they worry their friends are no longer their friends. Many children are finding it difficult to make new friends or socially connect. We just have to hold their hands a little longer till they find their way out of this situation.

Be realistic with transition

Because of these uncertain times, many parents are inclined towards homeschooling or changing schools, and those who are returning to schools, might not have the same sets of friends. It could affect children emotionally, they continue to be anxious, avoidant, flat, and discouraged or things also could go better than expected which is why it is always best to keep an eye on their progress weekly once children have a plan in place.

Give them something to hold on to

When everything is changing or uncertain, one trick to regain and maintain the sense of purpose is to give them something to look forward to, which is certain and is going to be there. Here, online classes… camps come into the picture. You can enroll them in engaging courses with online tutoring which will help them to learn and have fun at the same time.

If you are looking for any recommendations, go for online coding, math, storytelling conversation that makes kids more engaged. Juni Learning is one such option, enrolling in this is very easy, Select your membership plan and class frequency. Choose your courses, schedule, and instructor learning preferences. and you are all set to go! the cherry on the top is your first class is free.

Self-compassion is a real thing

Many children find it difficult to see how they are beginning to struggle with simple things in their studies, sometimes it shows in their grades and they start to lose their confidence. Teaching self-compassion is very important to keep on hold head high and not belittling the smallest progress they do.

As children engage and invest more fully in their daily experiences, they’ll begin to find value and meaning in them. It may take longer for them to see the bigger picture or feel a grand sense of purpose, and that’s okay.

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