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Many times the struggle I faced as a parent, that unintentionally made my kid focus on math and reading. That could be because I personally love math and love to read! It just automatically made me inclined towards these two subjects, as I was enjoying it too while teaching him! That was ok till my son was in First grade. Till that time I totally neglected the core part of writing, and that is GRAMMER!!!! To be honest, I never enjoyed the grammar part of the language when I was a student. I am a reader, I enjoy the symphony of words while reading interesting material. I never could wrap my mind around the science of dissecting the jewel of words that makes the imaginary world alive. Nonetheless, even I feel like this in my mind, one can not escape Grammer. It is in fact the most important part of any language and it gives us quite essential knowledge to become a good writer. As you move to upper grades, it becomes more and more essential and important part of language subject. When you get the grammar part down, it makes students better writers and also better readers. They get connected to the text more easily when they get comfortable with grammar.

To practice different aspects of the language you can find many useful worksheets throughout the site. Some of them are mentioned below.



Synonyms And Antonyms.


More Language Art worksheets are coming soon this week.

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