I love creating fun educational printables. While my son was practicing on these printables, I realised he is getting comfortable with what’s been taught at school. He eventually started enjoying while practicing with these printables! I am uploading these printables, so it might be helpful to any parent or teacher out there.

I have currently created approximately five sheets on each topic where my kid needed little more practice. But I am planning to add more printables as I create them. [read more]

At present I have created for first graders because my son was in First grade when I started creating them. But then again this is just the start. I am planning to create more sheets from the feedback I receive and from Pre-k onwards grades.

Please feel free to explore and use these printables that I have created so far . Feel free to leave your suggestions or comments or send me an email at freeprintableforkids@gmail.com

Thanks a lot and Enjoy visiting my corner !! [/read]

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