Sight Words Second Grade

Which words a second grader should know by the end of the year.

At every grade level, students are expected to know certain words. Getting familiar with different words helps them to gain a good grasp of language art. The term “sight words” is used because kids are expected to spell them correctly and they should read them just by looking at a glance. Many sight words are phonetically irregular; they must be taught as a whole word. A child will need to memorize how to spell these words and automatically recognize them. Some words are homophones ( like ate eight or know no), which they are expected to differentiate and understand the meaning of the words. You can download the list of words given below for reference purposes.

Always Goes Upon ColdSingWould
Around Green UsDoesSitWrite

I hope this will give you a general idea. Practicing these words helps kids to become good readers as well as helps them in their writing.

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