Stay safe.. Be positive…

Things are changing so rapidly since last few weeks here. Yesterday US surpassed China in number of active cases of Covid-19. This is our third week of self-quarantine, that includes the ‘spring-break’ week.

Kids and family members are in house from last three weeks. I think, we as human have a very interesting trait, we adapt to any situation very easily. But why I am not seeing this today, when it’s needed the most! [read more]

Every day, people are complaining about getting bored while staying home, complaining about how to engage kids and what not…

Why have we forgotten to show gratitude towards the things we already have and be thankful towards them!

Instead, we complain about petty things like getting bored and how it’s tough to stay inside our homes!?

We as a human should be compassionate, kind and grateful. We should be grateful that we have roof over our head and food on our table. We should be thankful towards all those society helpers who are still working to keep our country running. From mail men to doctors, these people are working inspite of the risks they are facing.

And here we are, worried about petty things like how to engage our kids or how I am bored being at home!

We as responsible citizens and more than that as responsible human beings should do our part by practicing social distancing and really stop complaining.

Infact, there is blessing in disguise, we get to spend more time with our family, we can read, write, be creative. For kids also, I would say, this could prove an unique experience, they could see, things those are at their disposal are not permanent. Even kids get to slow down a bit and can self-access and I am sure they will discover new things about themselves. Some could lose themselves in the world of books, some could find new world in colors, some could discover that they are not actually bad in math or science. They were just not giving that extra time that they should!

There are so many things to discover while we are socially distant. But if we keep on complaining about things that we are missing we would miss out the things that we have now!

No one’s life is perfect, some kids might be having too many things to remain engaged some might be having little less. But one thing we all can have in abundance is zest! Zest to live life positively. Zest to make most out of what we have today… now… with hopes of brighter tomorrow, together.

This shall too pass and we all for sure, will get through this change but we just don’t want to get through this, we want to get through this with smiles and positivity.

Stay safe, stay focused, stay positive.[/read]

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