Math: Word Problem

Math: Word Problem

The crucial skill of learning math.

As we proceed to Second Grade, Math starts to get serious. A new concept is introduced in second-grade that’s “word problem” As we go to upper grades, word problems get more and more complex. The difficulty level is very low for second graders as they are just getting introduced to this concept. In third grade, however, things get more serious and tricky with word problems.” 

Solving or handling word problems is not as hard as it may seem to students if they know exactly how to handle them. While solving any word problems there is one essential skill that needs to be developed from an early age, that skill is, sorting information.

Math : Word Problems

If kids can sort the information from the word problem successfully, then it becomes very easy to comprehend the next step “what to do with that information” which ultimately leads to the answer.

To gain authority in solving word problems, one needs to cultivate a habit to look at the problems in systematic steps. 

I would recommend instilling a habit of solving word problems in a certain way, as information gathered, information to be processed, and answer to derive.

Sometimes, when the information in the word problems is of two or three sentences, a second grader or third-grader gets confused very easily unless he/she knows, exactly what information to focus on.

With this very intention, I am creating some worksheets which could help the kids to cultivate the habit to process the information, present the information, and then derive the answer. This is essential to make their mind think systematically, instead of wandering and getting lost in words of the problems.

At present, I have created only five worksheets of “One-step” and “Two-step” word problems, but I would be making more on the same topic in the coming days. Meantime, don’t forget to download the “One-step word problems.” worksheets and ” Two-step word problems”

One-Step Word Problems:

Two-step word problems:

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